welcome to amberbeata

While you are exploring this web site, I will introduce you to the world of beauty, creativity and the timeless secrets of Amber.

Being born in Poland on the coast of the Baltic Sea, I have had a special connection with amber since childhood. As an artist myself, I began studying and making jewelry in my homeland where I connected with many talented silversmiths and designers. Upon leaving Poland, my international career started in Rome. After immigrating to America, San Francisco became my home and where my business was born in 1990.

Amber has literally opened the world to me. Travels to trade shows in Australia, Honk Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Europe and throughout the United States have helped me to expand my artistic vision and diversity of style. These stunning Amber designs are uniquely created in order to preserve exclusivity. You can only find them in highly specialized jewelry stores and boutiques.

I now design exquisite Amber jewelry of my own. Through the unique selection of my line, Amber will reveal to you its magical and exquisite beauty. Baltic Amber, famous for its unparalleled quality, is available here in classic styles, as well as one of a kind pieces.

The enticing treasures of Amber and the millions of years of history which are captured in each stone are now here for you.

Thank you,