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 Welcome Home

April 20, 2010
We present you with our newest collection of glass arts consisting of two elegant pieces, each decorated with sterling silver and amber curved apples in various shades of butterscotch for a perfectly natural look. Let spring enter your home with these unique “Welcome Home” glass items.

You no longer have to redecorate your entire dinning room, living room and even office. All you need is to add eye-catching pieces like these to your already existing collection of decorative items. Original creations like our glass fruit bowl and liquid container are just the items you should invest in this season to beautify and renew your home. Not to mention the touch of class these handcrafted pieces can add to your living space or even workplace.

April 13, 2010
We are declaring it: this is "Statement Bracelet" season! And what better way to start off the season than with a remarkable piece like the natural butterscotch Baltic Sea Amber set in sterling silver and gold bracelet. Don't let its big size intimidate you, statement bracelets are easier to pull of than statement necklaces and even statement earrings.





April 13, 2010
This season we dare you to make a statement without saying a word! There is no need to go buying an entire new wardrobe or get a make-over. Just wear our Butterscotch Amber and Australian Opals necklace and you're in the spotlight.


March 31, 2010
Aren’t you amazed by the multitude of choices now available in business card holders and letter openers?
We invite you to follow the trend and forget about the traditional office items and do an upgrade with our elegant cognac amber set in sterling silver. Designed for style and function, the set is composed out of two remarkable pieces:
• One beautifully handcrafted business card holder which would make a great addition to your already existing collection of desk accessories;
• One envelope opener with a perfectly smooth polished surface, featuring a tear shaped cognac amber stone which completes its original design. Save time by reducing the manual labor needed to open your mail and do it in elegance!
Once you use these you’ll surely love them and never go back to standard models!
March 30, 2010
Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the lands are green and the weather is warm, sunny and bright. Inspired by the beauty of the nature, we have created this wonderful three piece jewelry set of an original design.
No one can blame you if you’ve fallen in love with the cognac and cherry amber flower motive set: its unique beauty can captivate anyone! Perfect for any occasion and wearable with any type of outfit, the set is composed out of three lovely pieces which you can wear together or separately. Either way you will look fantastic!
March 30, 2010
It is impossible not to notice how the beauty of cognac amber stones shines through every facet of this hand crafted set of jewels. Perfectly matching, the pendant and earrings both feature oval amber stones wrapped with the most legendary and beautiful of the precious metals: 14k gold.
If you are searching for a fabulous present, search no more! Make your loved ones happy with a set gift that lasts for ever. They will love our exquisite jewelry and adore you for being so attentive.

Amber Flower Pendant

March 24, 2010

This season it’s all about captivating jewelry designs and superlative materials. From celebrities to people around us, everybody is wearing them. Add precisely handcrafted to that recipe and you have your perfect statement necklace!

Since we know that women love signature pieces, we have created the perfect accessory: a gorgeous flower shaped pendant in various shades of cognac and butterscotch amber is set in sterling silver. Combine it with silver or any other material types of chain you prefer and you have a trendy statement necklace.

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