Amber Pendant

This season it’s all about captivating jewelry designs and superlative materials. From celebrities to people around us, everybody is wearing them. Add precisely handcrafted to that recipe and you have your perfect statement necklace! Since we know that women love signature pieces, we have created the perfect accessory: a gorgeous flower shaped pendant in various shades of cognac and butterscotch amber is set in sterling silver. Combine it with silver or any other material types of chain you prefer and you have a trendy statement necklace!

A great thing about our flower shaped amber and sterling silver pendant is that it can turn a simple outfit into a stunning one. Brighten your evening look by adding a touch of color to a classy all black ensemble by wearing the pendant and you will look more stylish than you can imagine. For a gorgeous day time look, accessorize your outfit with this lovely piece of jewelry. You will look and feel great! The pendant is the right piece of jewelry for a party look, a dinner look, business meeting and pretty much any event you can think of. Everybody around you will admire this meticulously handcrafted pendant, the smoothness of the material, the bold and bright color and its exquisite design. You will feel like one of the stars you often find yourself admiring while everybody is complementing you great taste in jewelry!
For a complete look, you can combine the pendant with one of our unique Cognac amber and sterling silver earrings and bracelets. You can choose from a large variety of designs and we are sure you will find the perfect accessories that complement your style. 
 It is impossible to go unnoticed when wearing this amazing piece of jewelry so buy it in order to treat yourself or make one of the women in your life very happy by giving them a lovely gift!