Welcome Home

We present you with our newest collection of glass arts consisting of two elegant pieces, each decorated with sterling silver and amber curved apples in various shades of butterscotch for a perfectly natural look. Let spring enter your home with these unique “Welcome Home” glass items.

You no longer have to redecorate your entire dinning room, living room and even office. All you need is to add eye-catching pieces like these to your already existing collection of decorative items. Original creations like our glass fruit bowl and liquid container are just the items you should invest in this season to beautify and renew your home. Not to mention the touch of class these handcrafted pieces can add to your living space or even workplace.

Practical and beautifully designed, our glass creations work perfectly as centerpieces or simple additions to your table’s setting at any time and at any occasion. The classic detailing along with the simple construction make them an attractive and functional item for your home. So if you are planning a grand welcome, do it in style! Just imagine how your friends and family and even business associates will react at the sight of such remarkable pieces.

Now you no longer have to search for the gift your mom will love! The “Welcome Home” glass items are also the perfect presents to give to your loved ones.

Good taste comes naturally to us so wait no more and bring color, light and craftsmanship into your homes! Happy shopping!