Butterscotch Amber and Australian Opals

This season we dare you to make a statement without saying a word! There is no need to go buying an entire new wardrobe or get a make-over. Just wear our Butterscotch Amber and Australian Opals necklace and you're in the spotlight.

This attention-grabbing necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry whether you are opting for an evening or a daytime look. The only rule you have to follow is keeping everything else simple! The necklace makes the statement thanks to the three connected squares hanging on a sterling silver chain, each with a differently shaped and colored stone so the rest of the ensemble should be very minimalist. We suggest pairing this unique necklace with a basic outfit like a strapless little black dress or a classic top with a V-shaped neckline.

The unique Butterscotch Amber and Australian Opals necklace will be, without a doubt, the center of attention every time you decide to wear it. This is exactly the jewelry piece you need to create a bold and chic style that will make you stand out. Go ahead and make yourself a wonderful gift, this just might be the trendiest accessory you've ever worn!